Introductory & Beginner Youth Hockey Programs

I. Introductory Hockey Programs

The introductory program includes Hockey 1 & Hockey 2 and Girls Developmental that are offered in 7-week sessions throughout the year. BDHA offers Hockey 1 & 2 and Girls Developmental for FREE, which target new and beginner skaters ages 3/4 and up. While the base fee is waived, USA Hockey requires an annual fee of $50 for youth ages 7 and over participating in hockey. For those who sign up for our "Try Hockey for Free" Sessions held in November and February, the USA Hockey fee will be waived for the year (or the remaining sessions in the season).  

Hockey 1 & Hockey 2 and Girls Developmental are our beginner/entry level programs in which participants will learn how to skate and be introduced to hockey play. Participants are formally trained how to skate in a progressive and sequential manner by skilled skating instructors. We recommend all skaters complete both before advancing to the Mite level or team play. While Hockey 1 and 2 will focus on beginner skating skills, Hockey 2 will begin to introduce participants to the fundamentals of hockey play.  A station format will be implemented to enable skaters to learn a multitude of skills and advance at their own pace. Equipment will be provided for beginner level hockey programs with check-out and return required. The next 7-week Girls Developmental sessions starts July 18th, while Hockey 1 & 2 starts July 20th, 2017. Join at anytime during these FREE sessions. Girls can join both Hockey 1 & 2 and Girls Developmental.

For more information contact the Intro Coordinator, Stacy Shaw, at the following email:

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calendar_1.png Hockey 1 & 2 Schedule Summer Session (Starts July 20)

calendar_1.png Girls Developmental Schedule Summer Session (Starts July 18)

calendar_1.png Ice Rink Schedule for all Youth Hockey Programs

Hockey 1 & 2 2017

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Girls Developmental 2017

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II. Beginner-Level Hockey Program

Mite Cross Ice League (Red, White & Blue Hockey)

The Mite Cross Ice League is our beginner-level hockey program at the team level for girls and boys, typically ages 5 to 8. While considered a beginner-level program, the Association strongly advises that skaters complete at least one session of Hockey 1 and Hockey 2 before enrolling in Mites. Using the USA Hockey American Developmental Model (ADM), the Mite program is designed to provide both an introduction into competitive hockey and the opportunity to play hockey without a major commitment. The emphasis of this program is skill development. All games are played cross-ice to allow for more time on the puck and coaching support for each player. Some travel to other nearby associations for game play is included to provide an enhanced experience. We also offer an equipment loan program. See more information about the ADM Model below.

Age: Typically 5 to 8 years 

Ability: Beginner

Equipment Required: Skates, Hockey Stick, Mouth Guard

Equipment Provided: Helmet, Jersey, Elbow Pads, Shin Pads

file-extension-pdf-icon.pngADM Overall Informational Guide

file-extension-pdf-icon.pngParent Guide for 8U (Mites)

file-extension-pdf-icon.pngADM Age Appropriate Training Chart & Guide

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