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To raise money for the Family Center the Squirt families sold tickets for HockeyMania!   As a result of our families efforts and your generous support, we earned $1,630 for the BDHA!

Weekly prize $ will be awarded for 15 weeks, starting 12/15!   

Weekly Winners 

Week 10: Donna Rochwite - $25. Ticket sold by Biel family.

Week 11:  Mary Kirschbaum - $300.  Ticket sold by Kim Jones.

Week 12:  Marge Anderson - $25.  Ticket sold by Reinke family.

                Robert Wright - $25.  Ticket sold by Wright family.

Week 13:  Jim Rochwite - $25.  Ticket sold by Biel family.

Week 14:  Jean Barnett - $25.  Ticket sold by Jackson Barnett.

Week 15:  Tonia Moon - $25.  Ticket sold by Reinke family.

Grand Prize:  Aaron Westover - $200.  Ticket sold by Strasser family.

News & Updates Youth Hockey

Public Open Skates

Public Open Skates are offered throughout the week. Great way to host a birthday party or family event. Click on link below for schedule. Also check Master Schedule above for updates.

Adult Hockey

Adult Open Hockey offered throughout the year.

Registration for ALL Hockey Programs

Register now for the 2013/2014 hockey season.  If you did not register with USA Hockey last year - or if you did not yet register with USA Hockey this year - this will need to be done first before you can successfully register of BDHA programs.

See details on our play_green_button.pngHOCKEY REGISTRATION page.


Skate Sharpening & Used Equipment

Skate Sharpening is available at the rink. You can purchase a card of 10 sharpenings for $25 or pay for each sharpening individually. Contact Opie about this at the rink or email him at  rnkmgr@bdfamilycenter.org.  We also now have a "Used Gear Store" at the rink in the skate room. If you want to donate any used gear you have laying around that would be greatly appreciated. This will also be a great place to purchase used gear for your skater!!